Philips DVP3360_12


Instruction for upgrading HERE

Version for CP 1250, 1251, 1252, 1253 and 1254 (CP = Code Page)

Note: For first update or if you have problems with subtitles after update, make this steps:

Important: After update, change font and color to activate new option for subtitles. For slideshow options, change several times settings(on/off, transition and delay) to activate new options.


CP1250 DVP3360_12_vb6_v5_1250.rar
CP1251 DVP3360_12_vb6_v5_1251.rar
CP1252 DVP3360_12_vb6_v5_1252.rar
CP1253 DVP3360_12_vb6_v5_1253.rar
CP1254 DVP3360_12_vb6_v5_1254.rar
DVP3360_12_vb6_v5_1 (load org)
CP1250 DVP3360_12_vb6_v5_1_1250.rar
CP1251 DVP3360_12_vb6_v5_1_1251.rar
CP1252 DVP3360_12_vb6_v5_1_1252.rar
CP1253 DVP3360_12_vb6_v5_1_1253.rar
CP1254 DVP3360_12_vb6_v5_1_1254.rar





suba me say:
bOsIee This blog has lots of very useful stuff on it. Thanks for sharing it with me!
Friday, 21 December,2018 06.04

NikolasZ say:
I see big improvements of video quality of tv shows, but those videos lags.
It looks like slow cpu for decoding videos?
Thursday, 9 August,2012 16.58

Claudio say:
To NikolasZ: If you experience problems with abrupt stops of some videos, check out the program with which it has been encoded (divx for example).
For such videos I just re-encoded them with VirtualDub and then I could watch them without problems.
Thursday, 15 March,2012 20.03

NikolasZ say:
Sunday, 5 February,2012 17.37

NikolasZ say:
1 bug here, this i test all known firmares and movie cannot play like more then 1.19 minutes while movie size is more then 1-2gigabyte big.
Some guy complain here too.
Sunday, 5 February,2012 17.34

florinpedros say:
Super.La DVP3350 nu merg facute aceleasi imbunatatiri?
Saturday, 21 January,2012 20.28

teste say:
test de vazut cum merge
Monday, 28 February,2011 17.54

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